Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Superhero Pictures

Here are some more super hero figures I finally got around to taking pictures of.

All except the chick with two guns are from Superfigs. Even though I have never run a supers game and probably never will until my kids grow up and pester me into it, I really love the Superfigs figures. I have probably almost twice this many unpainted, and just got Battering Ram in the mail today. I should have gotten Ape Austion, too...ah well, next order. I don't remember what range the chick with the two guns is from, but I remember Sandra Garrity sculpted her. I actually Dipped her, and it looked so awful I painted over the top of it. She turned out okay.

I had just terrible luck with the camera tonight. I don't know what it is, I set it up just like always, but all the pictures came out dark. I think maybe my lights weren't arranged well. I don't know. I hate, hate, HATE, HAAAAAAAATTTEE taking pictures of miniatures. Why in the firk ding blast heck does it have to be such a pain in the ass? I mean, I'm looking at the display on back of my camera, and it looks just fine. Why not put THAT picture on the disk? Grrrrr.

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  1. The woman with the guns is from the "Silver Age Sentinels" line of figures from Guardians of Order (I think they subcontracted Reaper to do the casting). If you're looking for more supers, Garrity also sculpted a bunch of the "Living Legends" line for Lance and Laser, but one caveat is that the first 18 codes from them are true 25mm scale, while only the later stuff is 28mm (the older codes would work well for teen characters, though)