Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cleaning House, Part 2

I have been pretty discouraged with gaming desk lately. The area to work on got smaller and smaller as it filled up with miniatures waiting to be painted, spare bottles of paint, and general other junk. The last straw was that I flocked my recent terrain pieces on it, and naturally have a fine dusting of flock everywhere.

In a moment of madness, I swept the whole thing clean! Never has my painting desk been so clean and organized!

Never has my gaming table been so dirty and disorganized! Weeeeell, not very often. Weeeeell, not so much lately, anyway. Just look at the skads of primed miniatures waiting to be painted! I never finish anything. :-(

I decided to make my own paint racks to hang paints on the side of the bookshelf over my desk. Here's a cardboard mock up of what I'm thinking of. It will be very simple: a 1x8 plywood shelf on the bottom with 1/4" MDF shelves above it, separated by glued dowels, and then painted white and rested on the angled shelf brackets. Total for three shelves was under $20, which was the single cheapest prefabbed shelf I could find. Of course, who knows when I'll get around to doing these...

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