Sunday, November 2, 2008

More Painting From the Kids

Got the kids back painting again for about an hour and a half, in which time, together, we all finished eleven figures total. Not bad. Here's a sort of step-by-step through the procedure, with some better pictures of their work. I almost think that such detailed photography of the figures does them no justice, because much of their inexperience just doesn't show when you're not examining them critically.

This is the Velas technique I keep talking about. The first step is prime white.

Next, "stain" paint the figure by painting solid primary colors that have been thinned 1:1 with water. My son has the habit of reusing the paint on his palette well past when it has thickened back up, but I just figured that out today.

The last step I do, and that's using the "Magic Dip" or "Miracle Dip" or whatever you want to call it-- MinWax Polyshades Tudor. I brush it on to make sure it doesn't pool up. Once it dries, and base them, and take pride in my children.

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