Thursday, March 10, 2011

Welcome to the Painsphere!

The Painsphere in Public
Originally uploaded by The Gonk
We recently started up a local Blood Bowl league in Knoxville-- the Painsphere! I'm pleasantly surprised by the response. We've had a couple of game nights with 5+ coaches showing up, and eight coaches playing thirteen matches so far, just from within our own gaming groups and associates. Last Tuesday, we played in a local gaming shop, centrally located for many of the coaches. This is the first time I have played in a local gaming shop in a number of years!

A little highlight reel from our first night out-- in Blue Fianna (Humans) vs. The Black Fang (Orcs), the Orcs were down 1-2 when the ball popped loose, was bobbled around and somehow wound up in the hands of "Tubby" Tom, the Black Orc! The rest of the Black Fang tried to wall off Blue Fianna from Tom as he trundled down the pitch. The Blue Fianna star catcher, Cathal, was undaunted-- "making, in one turn, a 3+ dodge, 4+ dodge, 5+ dodge, 4+ dodge, 3+ dodge and a 2+ go for it- all without using a team re-roll." All for naught, though, as a Black Fang blitzer pushed him away and "Tubby" Tom went for it to tie the match at 2!


  1. Nice dude .... Sweet stuff. I have been thinking about getting into the Blood Bowl world. Either lizardmen or shaven .... can't decide.

  2. SHAVEN?!?! As a long time Skaven player, I forbid you! ;-)

    Skaven are fun. Just don't get too attached to them. ;-) They tend to die in droves...but then, so do Skinks, so...