Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ezren versus Reefclaw

Ezren vs. Reefclaw
Ezren vs. Reefclaw, a photo by The Gonk on Flickr.
I mentioned painting up some Pathfinder figures for Number One Son. Here's the first of the four pregen characters, the "iconic" wizard Ezren. I have looked through the beginner module that comes with the set, and bought what figures I didn't have. I already had goblins and skeletons, and I picked up a small spider and a small dragon. However, I did not have and could not find a miniature for one unique Pathfinder monster they will encounter-- a reefclaw. It "resembles a lobster in the front and an eel in the back," so I decided to take a Reaper moray eel familiar I already had and give it some claws from the Reaper monster parts pack. Here you can see my start on it.

Here you can see the art from the pregen character sheet I used as the painting reference for Ezren. I tried to follow it pretty closely, but there was no sculpted guide on his staff and I wasn't up to freehanding that design.

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  1. That's a cool Reefclaw, and any Wayne Reynolds goodness is always cool.