Monday, January 16, 2012

Time Keeps On Tickin'

Pathfinder iconic characters
Pathfinder iconic characters, a photo by The Gonk on Flickr.
Holy Schnikes!! It seems like just a week ago I had two weeks to get the Pathfinder figures done. According to my calendar, I'm down to just one week now, as Number One Son's birthday is just next Sunday! Fortunately, I was able to bang out two more characters this weekend-- Merisiel and Kyra, the two ladies of the pregenerated characters. So I have the female-friendly angle down, and hopefully can get Number One Daughter, 12 years old, to participate with us. She is not big on gaming, but she seems to be able to feign enjoyment when I force her-- but, she does love acting, so I will be emphasizing role playing as "improvisational theater" to to hopefully pique her interest.

Here's the Pathfinder art to compare the figures against.

Pathfinder iconic characters

Kyra the Indian-ish Human ClericMerisiel the Elf Rogue

No, I didn't freehand all the fabric detail on Kyra. Maybe after I get everything else done, I will revisit that. Also, I completely didn't see the red waist sash while painting it...but now that I'm done, I can totally see it. So, I may even repaint that. We'll see.

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