Thursday, January 5, 2012

For Auld Lang Syne 2012

Welcome 2012! I really can't believe it's 2012 already... I elected not to violate any local ordinances this New Year's Eve, as Mik and I took my gun-controlled European brother-in-law to the shooting range and laid out a good old-fashioned American amount of ammunition for us to shoot.  Fortunately, a fellow New Year celebrant stepped up with the greatly impressive All-American Premiere.  That is definitely on my fireworks list from here on out.  Now, to reflect upon 2011, and see what's upcoming for 2012...

Looking through my 2011 New Year's post, despite not really promising that much, I still underdelivered.  I did paint up a substantial (for me) amount of 15mm WW2 figures, notably the Flames of War 29th ID figures with landing crafts.  I have some DUKWs ready to be painted up, along with some German beach defenses...pretty much everything I need for a D-Day game except the field fortifications.  So, I think that is my solitary goal for 2012.  Run some beach landing games in 15mm.  If I can manage to run two decent beach landing games in 2012, I will call it a successful year.

I still am itching for some Napoleonics.  I just feel like I don't have enough painted to run a large enough game yet.  Hopefully, I will get around to getting some more 15mm Napoleonics painted this year.  In fact, I've been considering rebasing the ones I have...for the entire last year, apparently...although, really, since I'm not actually gaming with them, what's the point?  But if I have time and energy enough, I'd like to pick a few smaller scenarios from Blunders on the Danube and build up those games.

I don't blog about role-playing much here, although I do role-play pretty actively.  My Number One Son has his eleventh birthday coming up.  I am going to get him the widely-praised Pathfinder Beginner Box.  It reminds me of the old red box of my youth.  And, coolly enough, this box include pre-generated characters which match Reaper's Pathfinder iconic characters-- so I will be painting up the exact same figures the first adventure uses for him. 

Again, not holding out high expectations for 2012.  Life has been full and time has been short.  Often, I'd just rather veg out somewhere and regenerate than put forth the effort to accomplish something substantial.  So, I shall keep puttering along, taking my small victories where I can.


  1. A small victory is better than no victory!

  2. Great meeting you last year and keep chuggin' along!

  3. Yep, make finishing and using the D-Day project first, then on to other distractions!

  4. It does seem like RPG's are going to be heavy on the upswing this year, aye? The range was a blast, err no pun intended, hope your brother-in-law had a good time, but how could you not? I find myself /heavily/ relating to your last paragraph, regardless, here's to more gaming in 2012, happy new year!

  5. @BigLee: That is true; at least I'm moving forward still!

    @Chris: You bet! I'll try to make it out for another pub meet before too long.

    @Gonsalvo: Always other distractions, that's the problem!

    @Mik: Eh, no more so than usual.