Friday, August 24, 2012

Form a Queue

I'm trying to get myself a little organizized, so I am forming a queue of shorter term hobby goals. I'm not really creating firm goals; I'm just trying to keep a little better visibility of what I'm thinking about. I've got a lot of thoughts bouncing around in my head and I could certainly use a bit of direction at times... I may post this list again periodically as items are completed. BWAH HA HA HA HA...I slay me.
  1. Infinity: I have firmly committed to paint up my starting infantry-- that's four PanOceanic Fusiliers, a Croc-Man, and two ORCs. I have three Fusiliers mostly finished, and am about halfway through the last Fusilier and the Croc-Man. Then I'm taking a break because I'm really tired of them. I'm trying pretty hard to paint them well and it's a bit taxing.
  2. D-Day: At a minimum, I need to paint two MG bunkers, two MG nests and my 5cm KwK nest. I also need to touch up and magnetize the AT Pillboxes. Longer term, my en route Rangers, Tobruks, more defences, and support platoons, but I will be able to run games without those.
  3. Napoleonics: It's time to get back to these. A club member, Tom, picked up some Russians, so at the very least, I need to build out my French. I know I really need cavalry more than anything else, but I'll need to sit down and think a bit about what else I need. It gives me a chance to paint Prince Poniatowski, who I've enjoyed what I've read about, and some Poles. Perhaps help with the Russians, too. I'll probably paint units in dribs and drabs until I have a firmer direction here.
  4. Lord of the Rings/Saga: TECHNICALLY not a new period, I swear. I painted the Mines of Moira Fellowship party, and have the baddies out for Number One Son to paint. I wanted to play some generic fantasy using GW's LotR with him, especially as that would dovetail into using Legends of the Old West for some cowboy games. Anyway, he got a parental school performance reward, thought about what he wanted for a day, then said, "Mumak." Wow. So...that's on order, and I'm not going to buy LotR forces to oppose it. However, it does dawn on me that I could paint Saga forces and PROXY them as LotR forces against his Mumak and whatever else...
  5. Prehistorics: Tusk and some LotR-based dinosaur hunting are pretty much completed and just waiting to be run with Number One Son.


  1. Always good to set goals. Better yet to meet them! Have fun with Number one son.

    1. Less goals and more a loose set of guidelines. ;-)

  2. I dare not even go there! So many projects but at least have the time for them


  3. Well, as you already know, I'm a fan of goals and planning, or at least clarifying your potential projects and what you need to do to get there where you want.

    What scale Napoleonics?


    1. 15mm. I've got pictures of the last game I ran, that was FIVE YEARS AGO. I really need to pick up the slack!!