Friday, August 18, 2006

Clan War to be re-re-released

Looks like Magnificent Egos is planning to produce the full line of Clan Wars miniatures. Best of luck to them. I just bought some Griffen Greys from them, and got what I ordered promptly.
I was always rather ambivilent about Clan Wars. I was a huge L5R fan back in the day, and ran, the number 1 L5R site. I liked the figures, and the game played okay, but I wanted to see massed samurai armies, to the point that I considered painting 6mm samurai armies and making my own rules. Ah well, I have lots of ideas that never get done.

I painted this Hida Sukune figure for the Clan War author.

I happen to think he looked pretty good. I guess I called the author to see if he had received it, and he opened it while I was on the phone with him. His comment, in a rather sour tone, was, "He's red." Well, no duh. Hida Sukune's armor in every picture of him ever is red. Whatever. I told him if he wasn't going to use it that I'd pay to have him mail it back to me because I was rather fond of it. He did.

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