Sunday, August 20, 2006

Necromundacon 2006

Yesterday was Necromundacon 2006! For a buddy's birthday, we got together four guys (three of which still play regularly) from our Necromunda league 10+ years ago, along with two others, and played sixteen games of Necromunda over about thirteen hours yesterday.

We voted for best painted gang and best terrain feature, and I won both. You can see them below, along with trophies the host made. There was also a top gang award, but I was well out of the running for that!

I came in with a Leader, two Heavies, four Gangers and four Juves. My theory was that given we would play all day, the Juves would develop quickly into Gangers and I would be set. However, in reality, two Juves got shot and in at least two games, I had every single Ganger go out of action, leaving me with no income. Plus, I lost two territories early-- one two losing a shootout, and another to a Hivequake. I was pretty much hamstrung then (max 30 credits of income, after taxes), but we all had fun.

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