Tuesday, August 29, 2006

SuperSystem Slugfest!

Or rather, a Rooftop Rumble! My Rooftop Rumble is structurally complete, I just need to finish painting some of the buildings. Plus, I finished my Zero Foundation figures (Zero Device, Jump Monkey, Battering Ram, Steel Razor, Ape Austin and Boomerang Kid), so I might swap the mish-mash bad guy team for them.

The setup. Zoya has grabbed the window washer's platform and is carrying it to the building gap for a bridge. Gibbon Glider has picked up Harangutan and is flying for the newspaper building.

The baddies about to make their move-- Dr. Simian leads the Bot, Zoya, Adder and Blackbird.

Here come the Super Simians!

The end of turn three. Elastiape was the first to the roof of the Weekly Globe, and slingshoted the Alien Artifact back over to the rest of the team. Dr. Simian's minions get ready to brawl while Blackbird sprints for the Artifact.

Goradiator chucks a gargoyle at the Bot and misses, sending it crashing into the far building!

Blackbird is slowed by Harangutan's flares, while the Bot gets ready to knock Goradiator back to the other building.

Elastiape prepares to slingshot the Weekly Globe's globe; however, upon realizing he is not strong enough to do that, he meekly replaces it and returns to where he was.

Down to the wire! Adder tries to tie up Gibbon Glider and Goradiator to give Blackbird a chance to get the Artifact, but Harangutan won't stop flashing her! I mean, FLARING her!
Meanwhile, Elastiape snatches the side of the Weekly Globe after being smacked around by the Bot, and the fearless leader Dr. Simian super leaps into the alley. Again.

Gibbon Glider breaks free, but can't stop Blackbird! She swoops in and slashes Harangutan good-- but to no avail! His aerobics pay off as Harangutan hangs on to the Alien Artifact.

Adder tries to make her move, and Goradiator finally connects, sending her through the far wall.

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