Sunday, August 6, 2006

Duhnuhnuhnuh SUPERFIGS!

I've been getting my Superfigs together for a rooftop rumble game. I'm getting pretty close to finishing! I made the two big roofs a couple of years back but never got around to using them.

I bought a bunch of Superfigs at Historicon. I painted up the Super Simians (I'll get closeups later) as well as the Glockroach. That's enough to get this game going, so I stopped there, but I also (accidentally, it turns out) bought most of the Zero Foundation, so they're next in line (missing Cranium/Microbot, which I'll probably get, and Serpent, which I probably won't) as well as some selected backlog.

The tan boxes are unpainted A/C units, just $1 paper mache boxes at Michael I glued some geegaws on. The central building will be the Newspaper building, complete with throwable globe and gargoyles. I also made a removable billboard that Super Strong characters can rip off and use as a bridge.

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