Wednesday, October 4, 2006


So, I was stepping away from setting the gaming table up for tomorrow night's Star Wars 5150 game, when I notice my dog, Bear. He's a twenty pound Schnauzer (or Schnoodle, the pound claimed). Both his front legs were bloody and wet!! He's had allergy problems lately, so I thought he had licked his legs to the point of being bloody. I got my wife out of bed (she had just went) since I thought I might need help with it...

Low and behold, Bear was COVERED in blood. Both forelegs and his snout, and his whole left side was matted with drying blood. I realize that he must have tangled with something outside, and I start checking for cuts. There's nothing obvious, so I carry him to the shower and procede to clean him. I still can't see anything, and I soaped him rather vigorously without any reaction. He LOVES to be toweled off after a bath, and was his usual self, covered up in the towel and rolling around. Huh. So, I'm figuring he came out on top.
At this point, my wife is calling from downstairs. The whole couch is bloody. He obviously laid there cleaning himself for a while. Now, bear in mind that my wife has gotten on to me many times for letting him in with dirty paws and him making a mess everywhere! So, naturally, my first reaction was to bust out laughing and say, "Boy, I sure am glad I didn't let him in!" She failed to be amused.
Anyway, I walked the yard with my flashlight and couldn't find anything. The yard was mowed today, so he might have eaten/rolled in something the lawn guy got, but I didn't see anything. There were no blood trails on the trees, so nothing got away that way. I'll have to go back out tomorrow during daylight and see what I can see.


  1. He might have eaten what he found. I'd watch his "output" for small bones.

  2. I thought about that, but there seemed to be too much blood for something he could consume entirely. I may be mistaken, though, I don't have much experience with the blood volumes of small animals!
    I walked the yard the morning and couldn't find anything at all. Right now, my theory is a chewed up a opposum (it happened at night, and he's fought at least one before), thought it was dead and rolled in it.
    My wife talked to the kids about it this morning! My son thought he saw "pieces of body" on the porch! My daughter was convinced he had killed a person because she heard somebody "screaming" last night! Ugh. I explained that it was probably an animal that got away.