Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Okay, nevermind

The resolution is out the window once I get my current batch of Trident 40mm AWI figures painted (and they're next in my queue). Check out the new releases I just got in an email!

(Figures are $3.50 each unless noted) (Discounts apply for large orders)
(Ready to ship first week of Nov.)
AWC 29- Officer/Sgt. waving men on with tricorn in one hand pointing with spontoon in the other.
AWC 30- Standard Bearer running, tricorn, vest.
AWC 31- Standard Bearer kneeling, Standard in one hand pistol in the other, bareheaded.
AWC 32- Drummer advancing under fire, playing drum, floppy hat.
AWC 33- Drummer kneeling leaning on drum taking aim with pistol, tricorn.
British Grenadiers
AWB 9- Officer pointing with sword shouting orders.
AWB 10- Standard Bearer walking with standard.
AWB 11- Drummer, drum slung on back crouching down walking, with pistol in hand.
British Regulars
AWB 30- Mounted British Officer pointing directions with sword, tricorn..........$ 12.50
British Light Infantry
AWB 200- Standing firing in leather cap.
AWB 201- Kneeling firing in leather cap.
AWB 202- Standing loading in leather cap.
AWB 203- Kneeling preparing to fire in leather cap.
AWB 204- Standing preparing to fire in leather cap.
AWB 205- Standing at ready, musket with bayonet in leather cap.
AWB 206- Running, musket with bayonet in leather cap.
AWB 207- Advancing, musket at 45' with bayonet in leather cap.
AWB 208- Advancing, musket across body with bayonet in leather cap.
AWB 209- Officer running with sword in one hand, firing pistol in the other in leather cap.
(Coming in a few weeks: "Militia Artillerymen and Gun" )
(Still to come from "Battle Road", British Regulars, Fusiliers, Artillery, & many more surprises.)
New AWI Ranges from Trident Designs to come soon:
1. "Equipment & Supplies" (of the AWI)
2. "Characters & Personalities" (of the AWI)
3. "Settlements Ablaze" (Woodland Indians of the AWI)
4. "The Early Years" (Early War units of the AWI)
5. And more ranges projected in the AWI

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