Thursday, October 5, 2006

The Pile of Shame

This is my pile of shame, everything I have bought since Historicon started. This is why I'm not buying anything else until the end of the year. I was doing well, painted up about half of everything I bought at Historicon, but then flipped out when my buddies liked 5150 and decided I needed more 25mm Sci-Fi! Then I had to put an Old Glory in order for them, as I'm the Old Glory Army mule, and of course I had to get a little something for myself. Plus, a bunch of eBay bargains. Yu Jing remotes for under $20.00, including shipping!? Can't pass that up. I'm keeping it all on my table when I can see it always and feel bad about it! Well, except the 40mm Trident AWI. I'm not ashamed of them, they're awesome!

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