Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Note to parents: getting your five year old son, no matter how badly he wanted it, a black and camouflage head-to-toe ninja outfit to go trick-or-treating after sun down is a baaaad idea. At least he had a flashlight, I could almost keep an eye on him.
We moved over the summer. We had so few trick-or-treaters at our old neighborhood that we actually drove back there and hit a few houses so they would have somebody! At our new neighborhood, it was like a block party, with gaggles of 30 people at a time moving up and down the streets, meeting each other multiple times as we criss-crossed the subdivision blocks. And they won't stop ringing the bell! Here's a tip: when it's 9:00 and the lights are all out, WE ARE OUT OF CANDY!! Besides, you look like you're 18, I wouldn't give you any candy anyway!

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