Monday, December 15, 2008

CWC Yom Kippur Retooling

It's not all giant monsters, failed super apes and 40k here at Little Lead Heroes, folks. I have also been working on some manly historicals, too. Figuring that Cold War Commander was a decent set of rules, I went back over my Yom Kippur figures and rebased some elements to make them more distinctive. I also filled out a few gaps in my armies.

Across the top, you see Egyptian/Syrian HQs and a CO. I started out painting my figures for Egypt (the sand with grey stripes), then decided I'd rather game with Syria (the green with the mustard stripes) and now have a mix of both. Doesn't bother me too much, because if I ever get the urge and have nothing better to do, I can fill either force out. I also seem to recall reading somewhere that Syria didn't have a standard vehicle camo scheme.
CWC doesn't have any particular basing requirements for COs and HQs, but most people seem to do round bases for "non-combat" elements, and I've tried to match the command element to the unit it would probably be leading, by turning 10 stand units into 9 stands and an HQ.
I also added a unit of 9 open-topped BTR-152s for Syrian troop transports.
On the Israeli side, I followed suit on making HQs and a CO from existing units, including a small sniper unit. I also added a unit of 9 M3 Half-tracks for their troop transports.

Still to do: Artillery for both sides, 4 more Centurian/Sho't stands and an HQ, several Syrian snipers and two Syrian Su-7s (which should probably be Mig-21s, still looking into that, but they have the same stats in CWC).
Unfortunately, I can't seal them, officially finishing them and taking them out of the queue, because it's raining tonight. I really need to rig up a spray painting box in the garage for nights like this.


  1. Those are looking really nice Andy. Hope you can put on a game for us sometime.
    I have several fast movers that we could use as well, including SU-7's, Mig 21s, and a couple of Israeli F4 Phantoms

  2. I've got two A4s painted and two F4s unpainted. And yeah I'm trying to get enough done for a game. I'm pretty much there, I can always run M60s instead of Centurians, and the artillery is offboard anyway.