Sunday, December 28, 2008

Trucidos Terrain Work in Progress

Here are pictures of the current state of my December terrain for our Trucidos campaign. It's down to the wire for me, but I have a few more evenings left to finish. I'm glad December has 31 days!

With my original CD case tower I made, I was very pleased with how the simple cardstock paper Imperial Eagle I cut out looked on the sides. I wanted to duplicate this, so I had the idea of making a resin casts of some 40k symbols. That way, I only had to go through the effort of cutting these fiddly icons out once. I spent probably three to four hours just cutting them out of styrene sheet. Once done, I superglued them acrylic sheet and made an RTV mold of them. So far, it seems to be working out just fine!

The resin appears to be fairly flexible when it's this thin, so I don't think I'll even have any problems contouring the cast pieces to fit the curve of the sides of the towers. Here's what the pieces look like right now.

A few things I could have done better:

  1. Contact cement does not adhere insulating foam! It EATS it! I keep forgetting this...
  2. Spackle for contouring isn't really that great, because wherever it gets a ding, it shows up white. I need to try mixing up some custom filler
  3. I used styrene tubes for my pipes. I should have just used regular rods, as the tubes tended to buckle where I heated and bent them. On this piece, it will be covered up, as I have something to lay over the pipes to make a better walkway.

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  1. Looks like a great start, I may have to get some of those cast pieces from you for my towers, what a good idea, they look great...