Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ready to Paint NOW

Weeeeell, last time I kind of forgot about the rubble, which is actually a somewhat lengthy process, waiting for all the glues to dry. I usually paint the piece first, and then base it, including the rubble. I wanted to do it before painting this time so I could primer over the rubble and help it adhere to the base. So, actually painting the pieces has been pushed out a bit. It is going down to the wire here, folks! I had wanted to try out some more interesting weathering techniques on these, but that will have to wait. I won't be able to work on these tomorrow night, since it is New Year's Eve and the family has plans, so I've got to bust my butt getting this stuff done. Still, I can't make the glue dry any faster than it does. I took my lunch today and got the debris all glued down. It can dry, and I can start working on it again when I get home tonight. Hopefully, I will be able to finish by tomorrow afternoon! My confidence is currently high, but it waxes and wanes depending on how I think about it...

Update: Fortuitous serendipity!! My employer is letting us off early tomorrow for the holiday...


  1. Andy,
    Where did you get the two-part epoxy seen in the background of your picture? I've had a hard time finding two-part epoxy that wasn't packaged in one of those useless annoying syringe things

  2. I usually buy Devcon S-209 whenever I can. I bought this at Hobbytown when I was running low on my last batch and didn't find any S-209 for a bit. I only started it recently, and really like it.