Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Over the Hump

Okay. That's an awful lot of white to have left after painting on it for four or so hours, but I have brought it up to a basic rust "drip" wash. I'll let that dry over night (hopefully!). Tomorrow, I'll dust the rubble with a tan drybrush, then start some GW washes-- some Badab Black on the rubble, and 1:1 watered down Gyphonne Sepia over the whole model.

Whoops!! Look at those three scratches! No drips! It's amazing how you notice everything you missed only after you post it permanently for others to see. Fortunately, the wash hadn't dried and the drip has descended to display for future delights...


  1. I don't envy the work you've still got ahead of you, but you're going to make it, you've got, like, 14 hours left! These are a little sparse in the rubble department, (not a problem, still looks good) but would they be considered as area rough terrain for the whole piece, if at all? Stay locked away from society and get crackin'!

  2. At this point, finishing will be easy. There's still a lot of rubble. It looks less because the bases here are so much larger (the square piece is exactly a square foot). I hadn't intended the whole terrain piece to be rubble, just buildings and stuff to block line of sight. The square foot piece is also raised on a slight hill.