Saturday, July 25, 2009

Finishing GW's Moonscape


Got some new terrain done. Here are the first two craters I've done of the GW Moonscape set. I also have the Blastscape set and the old Battle for MacCraggae terrain to do, so I'm looking at around 6-7 square feet of terrain to may take me a bit.

I cut most of the MDF for the bases tonight. It was hot and took me a couple of hours, and the bases for the largest Blastscape pieces wound up warped, so I need to do them again. Yay!

There has been a ton of negative criticism about the Blastscape pieces. Mine don't seem that fragile, but they definitely aren't as crisply detailed as the Moonscape pieces.


  1. Looks good chief! When you redo the boards, give me a call, I can at least sit around with a beer and shoot the breeze with ya while you cut MDF all night.

    Welcome to the new blog too, rock on. Your pic above looks like it slightly got cut off. I have to manually resize all of my pics to make 'em fit right, hopefully you won't have to.

  2. Good catch, I didn't realize it was cut off. I may play around with another theme. I like this one, but I have to pay a yearly fee to modify it, such as to make the center wider, like I'd like to...not sure I'm ready to commit to that yet.

  3. I'd like to widen the central panel on my wordpress blog, but I'm also too cheap to pay the yearly tinkering fee. Fortunately, the photo editing is pretty easy. I link out to my photobucket album and resize in the wordpress editor.

    Nice looking terrain by the way