Monday, July 27, 2009

More Moonscape

Hey, found a nifty way to post pictures directly from Flickr, that's cool! I'm trying it out with this new picture of my two latest Moonscape pieces I've finished. These do look really nice, although I wonder if I shoudn't have chosen a color other than grey. In they pictures, it almost looks like I just drybrushed the bare plastic. In reality, they look quite good, I can't wait to get some games in on them.

Speaking of scapes, I see Drunken Samurai has an extensive write up on how he finished his Blastscape pieces. Somebody suggested using insulating foam to back these, and I couldn't image how you would contain it. Drunken Samurai doesn't, he just trims it to shape once it dries. That's an idea, I might do it on the Blastscape pieces with the higher raised areas.

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