Thursday, November 11, 2010

5150 40k game

Coming out of playing an FNG game at Fall-In! and not having anything planned for gaming this week, I threw together a quick 5150 game using 40k figures last night. I found some QRSs online that looked reasonable, and had about 65 Tau infantry of various stripes up against 10 Space Marines. The Marines were all Rep 5. The Tau squad leaders were all Rep 5 and the troopers Rep 4. About halfway through the game, we decided that was too high given the odds I was going for, and dropped everybody on the Tau side by 1. Otherwise, I thought it played well. I thought the table looked pretty good, too. My trees are falling apart, though. I need to figure out what I'm going to do with them...

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  1. "I thought the table looked pretty good", umm no, it was the best looking table we've ever played on locally. It was off the hook, and just coming from Fall-In! and all the beautiful tables there, that's saying something!

    Looking at the 2HR Yahoo Group I spied a good looking Tau QRS that went into their overall composition and had more weapons than we were working with last night. Attributes were pretty much the same, ore or less.

  2. Nice looking game. I like the completely asymmetric scenario. Rep 5's are bad asses in any THW game.

    It'd be interesting to see how the assault guys from 40K perform in the more firepower dominated world of THW. We used to use Chain Reaction for Star Wars with Jedi Knights, but they had lots of extra abilities to help them out (like being able to block shots with light sabers)

  3. We did have two jump packed assault troopers, but as you may have guessed, they got gunned down before they got close enough to be a true threat.

    Andy and I did a THW Star Wars battle a while back and it was awesome sauce, very *very* enjoyable. We had special stats for the heroes, Jedi rules, the works. It was before 5150 methinks, so it must've been for Chain Reaction. Talking about that game, coupled with the 5150 game we just played, I'm getting the itch to play more again...and soon!

  4. Personally, One of the things I always disliked about 40K was all of the guys running around with swords or what have you. It was just a step too far for my suspension of disbelief. It doesn't matter if you have an ElectroPlasmaWarpChainsword, if 10 guys are going to level automatic weapons at you as soon as you step out of your cover, you will never get to use it... But I know that lots of people enjoy it, so what ever makes you happy at the end of the day.

  5. Yeah, the Marines tried to get into hand to hand a few times and had a very hard time of it. They also weren't helped by staying by themselves. Even heavily armored Rep 5 guys, 10 shots would inevitably knock them down. In a group, a few would remain standing and be able to return fire.

    It was a learning game as much as anything else. We've got the figures, we might as well do something with them and I don't like the 40k rules.

  6. That was four years ago!

    5150 rules we used.
    Game report.

    I really think you have to come up with your own QRS and weapon lines to do it right, though.