Thursday, November 18, 2010

First Game of Tusk

Intro game of Tusk
Intro Game of Tusk
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The Number One Son and I sat down this last weekend and finished up our Neanderthals! Ten Primaeval Designs Neanderthal warriors, two Wooly Mammoths and a too large Reaper wolf/dog to serve as a hunting dog. As we sat at the dining room table, with the figures painted, I looked at their white unfinished bases and the white table covering and thought, "Hey. Snow!" So we threw down with a quick solo game of Tusk, my son pushing a band of Neanderthal hunters while I managed the rules and ran the Mammoth (whose actions are determined by a reaction table).

With ten points to build a war band and our figure selection, Number One Son took a hero for three points, the dog for one point, and three spear warriors for a six points. We placed a Mammoth in the center of the table and he surrounded it with his hunting band.

The Mammoth attacks the dog

The fast moving dog went in first, directly opposite the hero and trying to drive the big Woolly towards him. The Mammoth had none of that, however, and promptly charged the dog and stomped him to death!

The hero goes down to the Mammoth

Next, the hero charged in! It was kill or be killed with this mightiest of Neanderthal hunter, and today, unfortunately, it was his lot to be killed!

The remaining hunters manage to slay the Mammoth

After that bit of liveliness, the Mammoth went back to grazing, while the remaining three hunters gathered together and, in a burst of activity, sprang upon the Mammoth from behind! The first hunter missed anything vital with his flint spear, but the second struck home! This tribe has a new hero! And a new environmental hazard-- my two year old swinging that blue shoe horn at the table!!


  1. That first photo is classic!

  2. Yeah, it is pretty cool, isn't it?

  3. Awesome! Way to go there.

    Are your children always so nicely dressed? :)


  4. Only if they want to eat! I keed, I keed...I think they're still wearing their church clothes.