Thursday, November 10, 2005

2mm Figures

I've been fascinated over 2mm figures for a while, primarily as a way of bringing the ground scale and the figure scale closer. I finally sat down and painted some up, and I don't really think they'll work for me. They should work fine for reduced-size games, but not for massed big battle. Read on for more pictures of me painting them.

Pretty typical painting set up. I glued them to craft sticks, painted them black, and drybrushed white.

I drybrushed my colors on, as Austrians. I even painted the flag. They look good up close, but at any distance, they are unrecognizable to me. They'd be good for DBA-type games on a small field, but I was hoping for masses of troops on the field. I will stick to 6mm for that.

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