Monday, November 21, 2005

RAFM's White Collar Survivalist Painted

Taking a break halfway through a bag of 15mm Légère, I painted up my new White Collar Survivalist from RAFM. Updated: Better pictures here.

I took more time than usual, trying to do some of the more artistic techniques I've seen people discussing. It turned out nicely, but it took all of my spare time over two evenings to finish. I can't handle that low a volume, I've got quite a backlog of figures to paint! It was fun, though.

I really need to break the light tent out for him and take some nicer pictures. He really does look much nicer than the photographs show.


  1. excellent! I esp love the base, its looks spot on. Hope to see more minis in a similiar vein! :D

  2. That's funny, fatgoblin, because I've been considering doing Zombies and Survivors for a while, but your figures were really the inspiration for this, *especially* with the "fancy" base.