Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Some Sci-Fi Pictures

Since I had the light tent out, I took some pictures of some Sci-Fi figures I hadn't yet.

First are some Copplestone Castings Future Wars Hunter Aliens.

Next, I'll show how I accidentally painted a Tyranid army! I always liked the Hormagaunts, and bought a "Gaunt" box to paint some up as generic slashy-type alien monsters.

Well, since I was at it, I also had a bunch of old Space Hulk Genestealers I'd never painted, so I got them out and painted a bunch of them up.

That was it for a while, then I thought, what the heck, I'll paint the rest of the Gaunt pack. I don't like the "meat guns," but I'll use them. Plus, I based the Rippers singly to use as face huggers.

I was in Memphis celebrating my tenth wedding anniversary this August, and visted the Games Workshop factory store, the Battle Bunker, there. I wanted to buy something game-related, but every game store I knew of in Memphis had shut down. Plus, the new Carnifex looked really appealing to me, so what the heck, I bought it plus some Warriors and Ravenors.

The Carnifex is big, beautiful and expensive, which for me typically means he sits in a box for several years before I do anything with him. However, I painted these figures "Aliens" style, which pretty much means black with lots of grey drybrushing. It's an easy, quick paint job which gets the job done but still looks good. I think they turned out pretty well, and I didn't spend much time at all on them.


  1. Those 'nids certainly do look good :) I was just about to ask what you did with them. I'm doing a bunch up myself - but it comes and goes in waves. Sometimes I can crank 8 gaunts out, sometimes I just don't want to even look at them. :)
    What is your light tent like?

  2. Thanks! I think they look good, especially considering the relatively small amount of work that went into painting them.
    You can do a search for stuff about my light tent, but the main article is here: