Saturday, November 5, 2005

More Corridors

I mounted the Stones Edges Orbital pieces on black foam core, with the rug grip rubber pieces underneath them. It's pretty unobtrusive, and much more playable now. Notice the door that fits snugly into the doorway.
The only issue I have with them (other than the things that naturally come with paper models, such as the time to assemble them) is that they don't seem to be scaled properly. The 1.5" wall is about 1 5/16", so I don't bother to measure the foamcore, I just lay a piece down next to it and try to err on the side of being too short. Update: Looking at it now, I realize the pages are A4, and the "Shrink oversized pages to paper size" is set, shrinking the 11 11/16" A4 paper length to 11". It seems to print okay unscaled, so I'm not sure how I will procede. I'll probably just start over.

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