Saturday, November 12, 2005

Albion Fantasy Army Finished

Well, mostly. I got the special stands finished up. All I have left are the Highlanders, but as I have about forty points of stands painted up and my opponent has yet to paint anything, I'll let them sit. Here, you see an Aerial Hero Pegasus and a Paladin Unicorn.

Here, Heroes and Clerics. See the one guy holding up the Holy Grail?

This took about an hour and fifteen minutes to do twenty one stands, so we're looking at 11:35 over the span of a month to paint about forty nine points of HotT troops, at roughly thirty minutes a stand. If you were going to stick at twenty four points, with nine stands, it would have taken me about four and a half hours to do. Not bad for a complete, fun army.
That gives me three armies, with an Evil wild men/bad knights army still to paint. The idea is to do a campaign, but I'm waiting on my buddy, so I'll set these aside and move on to something else until he gets his rear in gear!

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