Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I haven't had time to do much retrospection on 2008. I think it was a pretty good hobby year. I certainly enjoyed my hobby last year, although I can't really think of any major achievement off hand. It was kind of a half year due to birth of my third child (who's doing great). I suppose the things I'm most pleased with were getting my kids to paint and making a moderate amount of decent terrain. So, what is in store for 2009?

Well, I'm not making any big promises. I certainly don't intend to stop buying figures or finish my current projects or anything outrageous like that! That's crazy talk!!
I figure much of 2009 will be filled with-- very, very, VERY surprisingly for me-- 40k. If I just relax my very uptight self a little bit, I can have fun with it and connect with my less uptight friends. Our small campaign has generated a lot of excitement that was, at times, lacking in our group. So I'm all in on that.
This leads to the second thing to fill 2009, and that's more terrain. You really don't realize just how large a square foot is until you're under a deadline to fill it with wargaming terrain. A square foot a month. That's crazy! Whose idea was this? I expect it to be largely Sci-Fi oriented, obviously, since it's for a 40k campaign. I'm fine with that, I have a bunch of 28mm SF figures and the terrain will work great for any rules. However, I intend to make them as flexible as possible. The stuff I've made was intentionally designed to work well with Necromunda, a game I've played a ton of in the past. I also have some vague plans to make some non-genre specific terrain like hills and forests and such. I already have some hills and forests, but they could really stand to be improved and/or expanded.
There are a couple of other things I'd like to do in 2009, but won't commit.
I'd like to run some more games. I ran a couple of Piquet: Field of Battle games in 2007 that went pretty well. Life kind of caught up with me after that, as well as my natural Sloth, and stopped that pretty cold. I'd like to run FoB again, or maybe try out Cold War Commander with my Yom Kipper war figures. With better terrain.
I'd also like to get into some modeling and/or converting. This is something I always want to do. I just takes time and patience and skill, and those are three things I am sorely lacking in. Still, I hope I can find some small project to complete.
I'd also like to get back painting on my 40mm French and Indian War and American War of Independence figures. I like the figures and have a bunch ready to go, it's just a matter of finding the time, I suppose.
If I really need something to do, I have a bunch of 15mm Napoleonics that could stand to be painted up. I just found that I really, really, REALLY didn't enjoy painting the cavalry. And that's what really needs to be painted. I have ideas of trying the dip on them...
Also, I missed the release of Field of Battle: WW2, and would like to start painting up some 15mm FOW based figures for this.


  1. 2008 was a good year, and I'm thinking '09 is going to be even better. You're right about the 40k campaign too, it is a lot of fun, and is giving us a nice common goal. For '09 I'd like to get in some more SuperSystem, and some more Spirit o' the Century too!

  2. I definitely want to get some Blood Bowl games in this year as well if you guys are up for it. It fits my bill for silly fun and gives me something colorful to paint.
    On that note, I just completed a trade that sent away a bunch of old WOTC Chainmail minis that were sitting in a drawer in the closet promising to never get painted in exchange for 3 Blood Bowl teams (Human, High Elf, and Amazon) as well as a blister of 3 Chaos Mutants...

  3. There's always room for Blood Bowl. I flew to England to play, I will certainly drive across town for it.

  4. Well, yeah, Blood Bowl, duh!