Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Last January Terrain

Here's my last bit of January terrain getting finished up. This is an old ceramic Christmas village fountain I found in a box as I was cleaning up some old terrain junk. I had used it for some 25mm WW2 skirmish gaming, but never done anything with it. The chipped areas were two red birds I knocked away. Snow patches were covered with spackle mixed with brown paint, which also served as a contour for the rubble I would glue on. The rubble was my usual mix of clay cat litter and bits from my rubble bag...I saw sprues, both metal and lead, a computer case fan, a piece of a blade and some side mounted machine guns from a destroyed 1/72 helicopter model kit, sculpture contour mesh, stripped wire insulation, dried paint scrapped from a bottle...

The spackle was something of an experiment. I added some brown paint to it and a little water to thin it down, and then stirred all that up until smooth. It was easier to add, but I think I need another material. Looking at the first picture, you can see that the spackle shrinks, and when used in such large amounts, left gaping cracks in the surface. I expected something like this and it's not a problem for this piece, but obviously it's not a general purpose solution.


  1. You chipped off two Trucidonian Red Razorhawks? The piece looks good, mind you, but you should've left 'em!

  2. No, they needed to go. I may have kept them around here somewhere, not sure.