Friday, January 23, 2009

Bike Week?

A little 40k Chaplain in a bike. I picked this up with the Squat a while back. It was actually a few Necron models I was buying and these were in the mix as well, and yet here they are being painted up first. I actually have been dithering between working on a Witch Hunter or a Space Marine army...I finally decided just to do both and painted this chaplain up for myself. It will be either full on Witch Hunter with Sisters of Battle, or a Space Marine army led by a chaplain and allied with the Witch Hunters.

Ha HA!! Maybe you thought I wouldn't post today, making the first day I've missed in, what, almost three months? I've been holding off because I wanted to make sure and get photos of this miniatures in. I'd say he's not quite finished-- the scrollwork on the shoulder pad, the rear exhaust and the headlights could obviously be done, and I need to pick up a bike base somewhere...


  1. Looking good! I was going to ask about a pic, but you beat me to it. The bike bases are kinda new, you don't have to have them, you could always have him doing a mini-wheelie off of a round 40mm base.

  2. It doesn't stand up on its own very well, it really needs a base.

  3. Here's some bases:
    Nice skin tones on your fig, by the way.