Thursday, February 26, 2009

Living the Dream!

I always wanted to say to one of my players upon the start of the game, "Why don't you just grab a suitable figure out of the many in my display case." Now, I can. Gamer Achievement unlocked!

The top two shelves are my Darkest Africa figures, some of the best I have, including some Fernando "collector" Ruga Ruga and a Steve Dean askari pictured on Foundry's website I picked up on eBay for $5.

A sampling of my 15mm Napoleonics, including the HQ stands. I like having them in there, but I really can't put that many in there, and their largeish bases really cover a lot of real estate and darken the shelves below them. I may redo them.

Superfigs and other superheroes and survivors, and my 40mm AWI/FIW.

My Blood Bowl teams-- Skaven, Orc and Human.

Lastly, my Chaos in Cairo figures looking lonely in the bottom deck. I think I will add the Nightlings my kids painted in there.


  1. you could put the Nappys at the bottom. That would alleviate the problem of the bases blocking out the sun...

  2. Yeah, I'll probably end up doing that.