Friday, February 27, 2009

Two Way Battle

We finally got around to playing our side-by-side 40k games, so we covered table area twelve feet wide by five feet across. It worked out well, except we each kept trying to ask rules questions or draw attention to cool action on our table when the others were all too busy with their own game to be interrupted!

My Trucidos campaign opponent bowed out again this month, so my game was just a friendly against a new guy in our group. The games went well and everybody seemed to have a good time, which is great.
My game was 1500 points of Necrons vs. 1500 pts of Chris P.'s Dark Angels on the green felt. Although the game was a little slow with that much on the table and us being relatively unfamiliar with the rules, it was fun to put out as many different units as that. We stopped our game before turn 5, due to time, and it really could have gone either way. I had chewed up a fair amount of his forces, but we were playing for objectives, and he had obliterated one of my two Troop choices. It was coming down to his Captain and Chaplain in my last troop unit, and whether or not I could get rid of them for the win.
The Trucidos game was Mik's Dark Angels vs. Chris O.'s Necrons. Now, Mik was up to shennanigans by not bringing any terrain over! This guaranteed the terrain was thin, as he knew he would be facing Tyranids in an Annihilation mission, and the open ground would give him the advantage. Chris O. cunningly circumvented this strategy with a dirty trick of his own-- bringing 1,000 points of Tyranids to a 750 point game! The result was an extremely close run thing, ending in a draw which, as far as I am concerned, should be the official result posted.
Here are a variety of pictures we took during the evening.

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  1. Ha! Nice writeup, and, umm, commentary! Yeah it was a good time, and playing two games on full size tables simultaneously was a very nice touch.