Friday, October 21, 2005

Adventures in Sculpting

I've been trying my hand a sculpting again lately. Not great, often not even good, but not terrible, either.

A giant 6mm evil treeman...thing. I forgot to include a scale, but he's 1.5" tall and 2.5" wide.

A beetle...thing. I guess he's kind of scale independant. I didn't really have a scale in mind, just the carapace laying around I had done a while back with some leftover putty. The body is about 3/4" long.

No, this is a lurker. Two pieces, blue-taced together for the picture. Tops out at an inch tall. You can see I started to cut the body shorter, but thought I could always do that after casting it, rather than having to add to it if I wanted it taller.

Naga! I was pretty pleased with the sculpture on this, but ran into a number of problems. First, the bow was just too thin for me to drop cast. Second, I intended to twist the torso so that he fired forward, but the metal was too brittle and the torso torqued off. Third, this thing would never sit on the intended 20mm deep base without having them all coming in at an angle, and spearmen on 15mm would be worse. I may redo them on top of coils instead. The flat green is 7/8" from tail to tip of bow.

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