Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Thinking About Basing, and Painting the Knights

Got a little more done last night.

I checked up on my sample of my wife's old tea. I thought it looked pretty good, but I didn't think it was fine enough to be used for 6mm. Maybe some 25mm stuff.

Here are some old samples. The colonial British on the right are based with my usual scheme (and, may I just point out, if you've never seen facings on 6mm figures, you need to zoom all the way in!) The samurai on the left are an experiment, using this Litko plywood bases with flexible steel under it. The base was sparsely textured and dappled light brown and tan colors, then three different static grasses were applied; from left to right, they are Woodland Scenics light green and medium green, and Games Workshop. I think I like the medium green the best, but I'm not overjoyed with any of them. They look too sparse to me. It would probably look better had I not gone so light with the ground color. I asked my wife's opinion, but she just said the British base looks like a manicured lawn, which I suppose is a strike against that.

I also painted up the Knights. The general scheme was the same as the foot knights, so not much to say about that. The metal shows up better on them, probably because I used more gunmetal. There's a bit of wood pulled off the craft stick showing up, that's not intentional.

That took about forty minutes, so my total time is now 4:00.

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