Sunday, October 30, 2005

Knights Finished

I went ahead and finished the three stands of knights.

I painted the stands brown and raw sienna. Both are thin paints, not really covering well by themselves, but they help color the base while also acting like a primer for subsequent coats. I follow that up with successively lighter drybrushings of golden brown and some muted tans. I then covered the base with Woodlands Scenics Scenic Cement, and dippped it into GW's static grass.

I used to make my own "scenic cement" of 1 part white glue to 1 part water, with just a touch of dishwashing detergent, but I decided it's just easier to buy it. One bottle lasts a while unless you're doing terrain pieces.
The GW static grass is, I believe, repackaged Noch static grass. Up close, it doesn't look that real to me, but from observing my test stand a while, I think it looks better than the single blend Woodlands Scenics static grasses I use. I don't need much of it so it's easier for me just to get a small, overpriced bag down the road at Hobbytown.
It took me twenty minutes to finish the bases, so the total time is now 7:20.
Ugh. I realize now that I haven't clear coated these figures yet! Clear coating static grass tends to leave noticeable drops on the grass. Ah well, they'll be okay without it...

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