Sunday, October 16, 2005

Starting a 6mm Fantasy Army

I got two new 6mm fantasy armies in from Irregular the other day. A buddy and I went in and ordered them. He got two as well, giving us a total of six, counting my Undead and Elves. I thought I'd detail the project as I worked on it.

The first army I started on is generic Good Guy knights. They're made up mostly of Irregular's Medievals. I took about half the army and started cleaning up and planning my basing.
We're doing 6mm on 15mm base sizes. Not exactly big bases, but it's a slight compromise between size and cost, plus it's how I'd already based my other two armies. I noted my stand estimates were a little off. I had 6 strips of knights for 4 stands, probably a typo, and 12 strips of spears for 4 stands, definitely a mistake. They are close order, and I can definitely fit 2x2 strips on a stand, leaving me with three.
I started off by cleaning up the figures. They're all pretty good, but tended to have a lot of flash along the bottom of the base. I cleaned them all up with gate cutters, and trimmed the flash along the figures. Although some looked pretty bad, like this spearmen, they were easy to clean up and most of the strips were cast just fine (except for the bottom of the base, which had been left with sprue).

Next, I start laying them out on the base. The cavalry are about one horse too wide to fit two strips across the base, so I saw an inside horse off. By alternating sides, I can put two cutoffs together somewhere else. I used this trick with my Undead, as you can see below.

For the foot stands, I cut one strip in half and put part in both the front and rear rank, allowing three strips to make one stand.

After trimming everything up, they're glued to craft sticks and spray painted black. Total time: one hour.

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  1. Hey! I'm "the buddy"!

    Going on five years this may be the longest project ever for me!