Monday, October 31, 2005

Blades Finished

Got the six stands of Blades finished tonight.

Finished them the same way as the Knights. Remember that, not knowing how I would end up basing them, I had painted their bases green. That didn't really work with how I decided to base them, so there was some fiddly work with a paintbrush getting in between the ranks. I only did the two deepest colors, trying to get rid of most of the green, as most of that area of base will never be seen, and any green bits should fit in just fine with the static grass.

It took me about ten minutes to clear coat all my figures (not counting drying time for the two coats, gloss polyurethane and Testor's Dullcote) and about fifty minutes to base these figures. The total time is now 8:20, with 18 points of HotT stands completed.

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