Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Step-by-Step Spears

I took step-by-step pictures explaining how I painted my Spears.

Alright, as noted earlier, first I cleaned up the strips, glued them to a craft stick, spray painted them black, and dry-brushed them with white. Below you can see the reults.

Next, I paint the spears and the metallics. The spear wood is burnt umber, very dark and doesn't photograph very well. The metals are an "old gold" and Gunmetal, as I intended to go over them later with a highlight.

Next, I took "Spice Brown," a less dark brown, and highlighted the spears and painted the legs. I did both pretty much by running a paint brush along the length of the craft stick. I also painted the cloaks and scabbards on the back. Notice that the brown really did "auto highlight" with the black and white undercoat. I'm impressed with that, and intend to use that as an intentional technique.

Next, I highlighted the brown. In the second picture, I highlighted the metallics. Can you tell? Me neither. This was probably a waste of time, although it was somewhat effective on the legs. In the third picture, you can see I simply painted over the backs with silver to get chain mail. The black/white undercoat again works well.

On the Knights and Blades figures, the sculpted detail on the shields was pretty much obscured, so I was trying to avoid that here. I thinned down my undercoat grey and painted it on, allowing the black/white undercoat contrast to remain.

I then dry brushed thinned white over the top of that. Again, I pretty much just painted right down the length of the strip. I painted the crosses on, and I'm done.

Oops! No, I'm not, I forgot the flesh!

As you can see, it's probably not a big deal if you forget the flesh. It's more effective when you're looking level with the figures, because they have helmets, as opposed to this downward angle. I look at my figures wistfully more than I get to play with them, so it's not wasted here!
Anyway, the time to paint these was about an hour and fifteen minutes, so my total is now 5:15. I'd guess my painting is more than half done.

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