Friday, October 14, 2005

I've Got To Learn To Say No...

So...TMP is running a new contest, small scale Warring Empires scenarios. Hmmm...not really my period, but I have sorta long-term been thinking about doing the Franco-Prussian War. And 2mm? Why, I'd love an excuse to do a 2mm army. Chris Pringle...hey, he's a co-author of TAC and Arc of Fire...well, that's a mark for the rules, too. Hmmmm...wait, I could do the Austro-Prussian war instead. I've been on a big Austrian kick in Napoleonics, and it would be a nice followup. Ah, but Bill has to get three people signed up...maybe he won't make it...nope, got it! Man...I'd like to, but I already am doing 15mm 1809 Napoleonics, two more 6mm Fantasy armies, 25mm Sci-Fi stuff and have 6mm AWI ready to go...but...I guess just can't say no.

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