Monday, October 17, 2005

Touch Ups and Bases

Here's a short painting session on the foot knights.

Some of the silver parts still looked white, so I went over the metal again, this time with Testor's Model Master Steel. It was, I thought, about the lightest metal I have, but turned out to be an interesting contrast to the current color. I liked it, although it's pretty subtle and unnoticable at any distance from the figures. They look more silver than white, though.
I also panted the bases green. I'm not sure how I'll base them. I consider it to be practice for the larger upcoming project of the Baccus AWI figures, so I won't just do what I normally do. I've been collecting my wife's used teabags, some German homeopathic tea, which has a very interesting light green color and a blend of textures. So far, I'm leaning towards trying that (thanks to Bryan for the idea).

This took me 30 minutes to do, so I'm up to 2:50 so far. I also looked at my lens and had a big, nasty smudge on it. I cleaned it up, so the pictures should stop having the blurry right side.

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